Strength in Numbers

LITTLETON, N.H. (WCAX) - Ryan Largay runs ACE Fitness, a 1500 square foot facility.

He trains clients of all ages and abilities, but also works with multiple strongman national champions and world class athletes.

Largay is a world class athlete as well. The St. Johnsbury resident finished 5th out of 30 at the Official Strongman Games in North Carolina in December.

"Looking back at it, I'm really proud of that moment," Largay said.

The games are a two-day championship where athletes from all over the world compete in events like the car deadlift and the 800 pound yolk walk. Unfortunately, on the final event of the competition, Largay tore his bicep.

"I would love to get back to that main competition," Largay said. "That's my goal."

But that hasn't stopped Largay from helping others, like Erin Ummer, meet their goals. Ummer started training with Ryan six years ago, just looking to lose weight.

"I was hooked from the get-go," Ummer said.

A few years later, she's now a strongman competitor. Ummer finished 15th in her age group at the World Championship last month.

"It's fun, it's laid back. He's (Largay's) very patient and we work hard, but we have fun," Ummer said.

"Their work ethic has kept me motivated and helped me train watching them work," Largay said. "It's winning for me too, watching them succeed."

On March 1st, Ryan will be moving Ace fitness to a 4,000 square foot facility just down the road from his current spot in Littleton, NH.