Strike averted in Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union

Published: Dec. 2, 2017 at 6:21 PM EST
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It appears a strike has been avoided in the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union.

The district has come to a tentative agreement with its support staff and bus drivers avoiding a strike. It took more than 7 hours of negotiating for the two sides to come to a successful agreement Saturday. Details of that agreement won't be made public until the school board and employees officially agree on the terms but as it stands there is a verbal agreement.

Health care and wages were the two main sticking points.

"But it all has to be balanced against maintaining support of our voted tax payers and again we have been told over many years and its not so much what we do right here today how much that is going to effect the budget but it's people telling us over the last ten to fifteen years, your budget is going up up up," said James Rademacher, spokesman for the Supervisory Union.

"I said I love my job, I want support staff and bus drivers to be valued as professionals. For us to take this stand was a really amazing chance to show how much we impact the schools," said Jennifer Mallory, who spoke out in favor of the employees.

Officials told us Saturday night that both sides were motivated to reach a successful agreement. The school board could be presented the terms of the deal as early as Tuesday.

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