Students caught eating THC-infused candy at Vt. high school

Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 5:44 PM EDT
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The principal of a Vermont high school has a warning for the community about THC-infused foods after about 10 students ate edibles and got high on campus.

Last Tuesday, a group of Lake Region Union High School students consumed a chocolate bar containing medical marijuana.

School officials say another student and a paraprofessional told staffers they noticed the kids acting unusually during the day. Many of those students also went home sick vomiting and complaining of nausea.

Now, School Principal Andre Messier is urging parents to learn more about the prevalence of these old drugs with modern packaging.

"One parent was like, 'How can you let this happen in school?' And I showed them the package and said, 'Tell me how am I supposed to stop this? If you saw this in your kid's hands, would you even think twice?' And she just goes, 'No.' You're not necessarily looking for a baggy of weed or a joint. It's coming in a lot of different forms. A lollipop looks like your regular little Dum Dum, but it may not be," Messier said.

Messier says there's no simple solution to keeping these products out of schools but he says it's important young adults understand the physical effects of marijuana and how easy it is to take too much.