Students get hands-on learning for 'Humans of Winooski'

Published: Dec. 12, 2018 at 4:19 PM EST
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You may have heard of the popular social media account "Humans of New York" which features average people and their stories.

Middle-schoolers in Winooski have tweaked the concept to share the stories from their own city. They presented their projects at VSAC Wednesday. It's part of "expeditionary learning" which allows students to get real-world, hands-on learning. For the project, students edited audio, created QR Codes and even made music to go along with the interviews.

"These kids put themselves out there. A lot of them interviewed people they had never met before. A lot of them were completely and utterly nervous about doing it. And yet, they still managed to do it," said Dana Gore of Winooski Middle School.

"It was interesting. It was a lot of work, though. We had to do the interview and then download it onto a file, and then edit the interviews," said Alex, a seventh-grader.

The students have been working on the projects since the beginning of the year.