Sugarbush offers landlords perks to house resort workers

Published: Oct. 13, 2017 at 2:18 PM EDT
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Dave Lynch took a job at Sugarbush in June and has been living in employee housing.

"It's fairly limited, so I'm looking to move out," Lynch said.

It's a complaint the ski mountain has heard before; employees have always struggled to find seasonal housing. With the rise of Airbnb and other housing rental services, fewer units are up for grabs.

"Basically we play matchmaker between landlords and our employee tenants," said Annemarie Todd, the director of human resources at Sugarbush.

Along with the Mad River Valley planning commission, they've come up with a new program-- Tenants for Turns. Here's how it works.

"So if a landlord has an extra bedroom or apartment in the area and they're willing to rent to a Sugarbush employee, they get a perk," Todd said.

Landlords can receive one of three things: a premium season pass, 10 ski vouchers or a family membership to Sugarbush's Health and Recreation Center.

Officials say the program originated out West, and Sugarbush believes they're the first to bring Tenants for Turns to the East.

"I'm hopeful there will be other people such as myself that have a spare room," Karen Anderson said.

Anderson is already using the program. She's renting out a room in her house from December through April and hopes others in the community will join her.

"Perhaps somebody whose kids who are out of college and moved on in life and they've still got a few extra rooms," Anderson said.

She said she's had a Sugarbush employee rent a room of hers before and feels there's a lot of potential with the program.

"I hope other ski areas follow in Sugarbush's path," Anderson said. "I think this a great opportunity."