SunCARnival: a chance to learn more about electric vehicles

Published: Jun. 7, 2019 at 8:40 AM EDT
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Some say that electric vehicles are the future of driving, but others wonder about their performance and value in local driving conditions. Some of those lingering questions might be answered at an event this weekend.

SunCommon has teamed up with local dealerships and car owners to put on the 5th SunCARnival. On Saturday the public will be able to talk to owners, test drive EVs, and get an idea if they are right for them.

For Michael Duplessis, who made the switch, he says he'll probably never go back to a gas car. He started leasing his electric vehicle last fall which means it survived a Vermont winter, and he says it handled great.

"I put some snow tires on it and the battery is right up front, so that's lots of weight which holds it down. I live right at the top of a hill and I got up there every time," said Duplessis.

But there is at least one downfall to driving an EV in the winter. According to David Roberts with Drive Electric Vermont, depending on the kind of EV you get, the charge might not hold in the winter as well.

There are two different kinds of EVs on the road and they come in all different shapes sizes and models. Sixty percent are plug in hybrids, which can run on gas or battery. The less popular kind is the all-electric.

That's what SunCARnival is for, to see which kind is the best fit. SunCommon's goal is to help stop climate change by sparking a change in what's on the road. "About 45 percent of our states carbon emission comes from the transportation sector," said the company's Jake Elliott.