Sunday's Look Aheads

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BURLINGTON, Vt. Burlington is hosting innovation week. People from the health care, energy and craft beverage industries, just to name a few, will present their innovations throughout the week. Burlington is becoming an authentic innovation ecosystem. This week brings people in different industries together to talk about success, shortfalls, local economy and global impact. In addition to this, a large group of high school girls will also be exploring some innovative skills. The 21st annual Women Can Do -- STEM and trades conference for high school girls is in Randolph. About 500 girls from across Vermont will learn about careers typically considered non-traditional for women.There are hands on activities like moving an SUV with a grip hoist, building motors, changing the air filter on a car, web design, solar installation and more.

Monday is a historic day in Vermont. It's the state's first official Indigenous Peoples' Day. The holiday was formally known as Columbus Day. In May, Governor Phil Scott signed a bill which made the new name official. The Governor told us on Friday that this is a change that needed to happen. Governor Scott said, "We're entering a new era and we have to recognize some of the mistakes of the past and if we need to rename this, and I know that many other states are considering the same, I think it's important for the people who are here, to show that we are welcoming and we respect them." There are events throughout the area tomorrow. On Tuesday, UVM will be hosting a ceremony with Chiefs and elders from the Abenaki Peoples to honor them and celebrate their culture and history.

There's another Democratic Debate this Tuesday in Ohio and this one is breaking a record. It is going to be the biggest Presidential Primary debate in history. Instead of separating the candidates into two groups, as we've seen in the past, all twelve will take the stage together. Senator Bernie Sanders recently had a heart attack, but he says he will be on the stage and is rejoining his Presidential campaign at "full blast." He has also planned trips to Iowa, Nevada and "probably" New Hampshire. Next Saturday he's hosting a "Bernie's Back" rally in New York City.

The Vermont departments of Fish and Wildlife, Forests, Parks and Recreation are holding a public meeting to talk about land management in the North East Kingdom on Wednesday from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Town of Brighton Elementary School. The future management and use of the Bill Sladyk Wildlife Management Area, Black Turn Brook State Forest and Averill Mountain Wildlife Management Area will be discussed. It's all part of the routine management planning process. The draft Management Plan will be presented and then the public can give feedback. If you can't make the meeting, you can submit comments in writing until November 15th. For more information regarding the meeting, or submitting comments, contact Doug Morin at