Super Senior: Clem Levesque

Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 12:50 PM EST
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It's a Tuesday at the Fair Haven Inn and the seniors are coming together for lunch and to socialize.

Clem Levesque, a modest man with a small stature, isn't used to being the center of attention. "I'm getting to be a celebrity," he said.

Levesque has been coming here for years and on this day he is sitting with the ladies. "I have to be careful what I say because I'm bugged," he said.

The 86-year-old is an emotional man. Quick with a laugh and just as quick with a tear. "This is nice, very nice. My wife would be proud of me," Levesque said.

He is mourning the love of his life. Mary died a few years ago from heart failure. The couple were together for close to 50 years.

The hard reality is at a certain age a person is likely to have lost a spouse. Of course everybody has different ways of dealing with their grief. Levesque decided to honor Mary with a craft he learned after she died. "This is a quilt that I have put all together," he said.

A month after the funeral, Levesque took up quilting, a hobby that Mary enjoyed for years. "There's no specific pattern that's flying, only what's up here in my head," Levesque said.

He's working on his 31st quilt.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Is this your way of coping with the loss of Mary?

Clem Levesque: I think so, I think so. And like I say, I think lots of times Joe, she's over my shoulder helping do what I am doing, you know.

"I always say to myself too, well, I'll get this one tied and I'll stop and I'll go down to the next one and I'll still keep on tying. So, I don't stop, you know," Levesque said. "This is the first quilt that I started sewing. Mary had all of this material."

Reporter Joe Carroll: What do your kids think of all of this?

Clem Levesque: Oh they love it, They love it. They're glad that I'm, that your doing something like this.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Did you learn a lot of this from watching your wife?

Clem Levesque: Yeah, yeah.

Levesque will never stop mourning the loss of Mary, but he's finding comfort in blankets that, in a way, are like the two of them -- forever tied together.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You know what I see, is that you're putting your heart into this.

Clem Levesque: Yeah. Like I say, Mary's helping me.