Super Senior: Emida Martell

Published: Mar. 12, 2020 at 3:37 PM EDT
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At their log cabin in Westfield, Emida Martell and her son Joe savor the good old days.

Snapshots of wonderful times with family and friends on snowmobiles. "A lot of good memories," Martell said.

That was then. This is now. It's time for mother and son bonding time on their more modern sleds. Jim is 70.

Reporter Joe Carroll: May I ask you hold old you are?

Emida Martell: I'm 91. I'll be 92 in July.

She is a founding members of Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, or VAST. They maintain over 5,000 miles of trails in the state.

Before VAST, Martell and her husband, Roy, would stay close to home. "Oh yeah, we went 10 miles and we thought it was a big day, a big day," she said.

Even in her 90s, on a good day she'll put a hundred miles on her Ski-Doo. "I'm always in there pushing for it, always going," Martell said.

There's also a need for speed. "Oh yeah, Jimmy and I go 35 to 40 miles an hour off and on," she said.

On this day they're treading lightly as they take this reporter for a ride.

Emida Martell: I was afraid you were going to fall off a couple of times!

Reporter Joe Carroll: Me too!

The area not far from Jay Peak is known for it's long season. "We get a lot of snow on this hill, this little mountain," Martell said.

But with warmer weather, the season is coming to a close. "This could be the last day, sadly," she said.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Have you been hurt at all? Emida Martell: No, no. I've fallen off a lot of times, but I've never been hurt.

Jim knows that his mother -- being 90 plus -- makes her the queen of the hill.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You get a kick out of that? Jim Martell: Oh yeah, yeah. Most of them don't believe it, you know?

"I don't know how people can tell that I'm old. Maybe it's my wrinkles that make it," Martell said.

She has no intention of hanging up the helmet. Life on the trails is heaven. "When I was younger I used to sing a song as I ride, cause I was so happy," she said.

Happy trails for this Super Senior.