Super Senior: Floyd Van Alstyne

Published: Feb. 27, 2020 at 1:44 PM EST
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Floyd Van Alstyne has the gift of gab. He'll freely tell you how much he paid for his East Barnard farm in 1945. "256 acres. I paid $3,600 for it," he said.

He's also armed with war stories. Like the day he was almost killed by shrapnel in World War II. "I didn't get it, it missed me -- like that, hanging off my side," Van Alstyne said.

There's the tale of courting his sweetheart, Marjorie. "That's where she grew up, right over there," he said."

Today's talk is of sugaring, one of his favorite times of year. "It's something that gets into your blood," Van Alstyne said.

His chore is to get thousands of taps ready for the maple trees. His boys are up the hill installing the clean ones.

I profiled Van Alstyne about a decade ago and decided to come back because of his quick wit, sharp tongue and a special birthday coming up.

Reporter Joe Carroll: How old are you going to be Floyd?

Floyd Van Alstyne: We'll, I'm only going to have 25 birthdays, but they tell me it figures out to a hundred.

He's a leap year baby, born on February 29th, a day that only comes around every four years.

"Everyday is a good day when I get these feet on the floor," Van Alstyne said.

He was one of the first WCAX Super Seniors, and like his syrup, he was pure gold.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You live here all your life?

Floyd Van Alstyne: Not yet.

He and his sons own a sawmill on the property. When we first visited, Van Alstyne was on the tractor and cutting wood. And then there was his daily lunch time beverage -- a glass of wine.

And that girl he wooed across the valley? Marjorie and Floyd have been married for 72 years.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Good looking?

Marjorie Van Alstyne: Yeah, he wasn't bad looking... we never had a big fight or nothing. Never had to go home to mother.

Marjorie is just 91.

"I had to have a young one to keep up with me!" Van Alstyne said.

A century of stories.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You going to have a glass of red wine on your birthday?

Floyd Van Alstyne: I probably will.

Cheers to the birthday boy.