Super Senior: Lawrence Earle

Published: May. 23, 2019 at 4:27 PM EDT
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Lawrence Earle has written many poems through his life...

"It's roofline on so straight and proud, has bowed to snow and storm," he said, reading from what calls his wife Pearl's favorite. It's a poem that he wrote about a farm lost to years of neglect. But it could be about our life and the inevitable changes. "...reminding us that Father Time wins out and has his say."

Earle's life is a paradox. A kid who loved poetry but spent much of his time in detention, eventually becoming a high school dropout. Now at 88, he reflects that "nothing stays the same."

Earle's love of old-time country music goes back to his youth. He plays both the fiddle and mandolin.

On this day, his band Not Brothers or Sisters, gives the folks at the Lamoille County Civic Center in Morrisville a post luncheon treat.

Lawrence Earle: We're aren't awful good, but we're loud.

Reporter Joe Carroll: I think they would say you're good also.

But there's some melancholy in the mandolin and some blues in the bluegrass.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Has music helped you get through some tough times?

Lawrence Earle: Oh yeah, yeah. The last five years. Six years my wife passed away. It will be six years in November. And my wife and I were... Oh God, we were close.

They were married for close to 63 years. "Music has been my salvation from her passing, cause God I miss her so much you know," he said

Earle wishes he stayed in school. He quit after his sophomore year. "I'd become so smart. I was so smart, I looked at everyone around me and I said I'm a lot smarter than they are," he said.

A dumb statement he learned. A few years later he realized he should have listened to a certain teacher -- Dot Collins. "She impressed on me the importance of education. And that point in time I didn't listen to her," Earle said.

At the town library, Earle and his son Walt try to find a picture of that special teacher. If he could, he would tell her she did make a difference. He finds a small picture of a woman who was such a hugh influence in his life. "She made you be something, whether you wanted to be or not," he said.

Earle did become something -- a skilled machinist, who along with Pearl, raised a family and is at peace with himself. Harmony at last.

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