Super Senior: Leatrice Potter

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PLAINFIELD, Vt. (WCAX) If you're routinely driving on Route 2 in Plainfield, more than likely you have seen Leatrice Potter. Just about everyday she walks from her home to Twinfield Union School.

Reporter Joe Carroll: And how many miles is it?
Leatrice Potter: It's just three miles to the school from my house.
Reporter Joe Carroll: Three miles each way.
Leatrice Potter: Yes.

Six miles a day is remarkable considering her age. Today is her 80th birthday.

"Her name is unique and she is unique," said Mark Mooney, Twinfield Union's principal. "She not only is our lunch lady here, every special event -- any fundraiser -- when that kitchen is open she is there volunteering her time."

It's not a surprise that it's Mrs. Potter's birthday. Balloons dot the cafeteria, but she has no clue what's about to happen.

But first, a bit of a ruse. I'm getting her outside to her bench that the students donated to her a decade ago.

Reporter Joe Carroll: What do you think of it?
Leatrice Potter: I love it. I think it's nice. Kids use it to sit on.

Potter was a para-educator at the school for 33 years. Her retirement didn't last long. They asked her to come back to work in the kitchen,

Now comes the surprise. The whole school -- 375 kids -- crammed into the cafeteria to wish Mrs. Potter a happy birthday.

"So Mrs. Potter, this is your family. We love you, honor and respect you. So happy 80th birthday," said assistant principal Bob Gulardo.

And then come the hugs and cards to Leatrice the Lunch Lady.

The celebration was planned well in advance. Me being there to capture her in the kitchen was a last minute addition. Four students -- Keelie, Ruby, Olivia, and Jada made this Super Senior happen.

Reporter Joe Carroll: So Leatrice, these are the culprits. These are the one's who did it.
Leatrice Potter: Oh, now I know.

"Yeah, my mom told me, 'Oh my gosh, Mrs. Potter is so nice, we should nominate her for Super Senior,'" Keelie said.

Strength in numbers -- the girls went to talk to the principal, and he agreed.

With the celebration over, the food must go on. Potter is on the front line. She's the only server. "That was quite a surprise," she said.

A special day with a Super Senior who is serving up food, and a lot of inspiration.