Super Senior: Millie Marcroft

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RANDOLPH, Vt. (WCAX) Some people seem to defy age. Millie Marcroft is one of them. Hard work and a good attitude keeps her going -- along with her trusty bowling ball.

At Rain or Shine Tent and Events Company, the season is winding down, but the cleanup is in full gear. Three women are busy cleaning and storing dishes plus silverware.

Millie Marcroft is the unofficial leader of the cleanup crew. "I just want a job and I just want to be able to work," she said.

In the summer, Millie goes to work at 8 a.m. and works until 5 p.m. What's remarkable is her age.

Reporter Joe Carroll: But you don't consider yourself old.

Millie Marcroft: No, no. Old is just a number. You know, it's just a number.

Her number is 92.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Do your co-workers get a kick out of you?

Millie Marcroft: I don't know. Do you get a kick out of me?

Look no farther than co-worker Janet Miller. "She's hot for my husband," Miller said.

"Oh come on, I'm harmless," Marcroft responded.

Marcroft, a native of New Hampshire, has lived most of her life in Randolph, raising four children with her husband, Roddie.

Work keeps Millie moving. On this day she's getting a pass from the event company. Her daughter, Lynn, and son-in-law, Perry, own the business. She's taking along her co-worker Nancy to a place close by.

"We're going to bowl," Marcroft said.

It's where she will be most of the fall and winter. She'll bowl three times a week and is the oldest in the bowling league.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You're pretty good I hear?

Millie Marcroft: Not really, just average.

Her age isn't the only thing impressive -- she bowls an average close to 150.

Reporter Joe Carroll: How's your form?

Millie Marcroft: Do I have form?

She's a southpaw with a hook.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Is it difficult working for your daughter?

Millie Marcroft: No, no.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Cause you tell her what to do?

Millie Marcroft: Oh no. I'm not even known down there as mom.

With work slowing down, bowling is Marcroft's exercise. It's one of the reasons she is so healthy. "Think positive, drop the negative. The negative does you no good," she said.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Are you pretty competitive?

Millie Marcroft: Yeah.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You don't like to loose.

Millie Marcroft: No

A strike for a striking Super Senior.