Super Senior: Robert Edmands

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FAIRLEE, Vt. (WCAX) Robert Edmands has walked up these stairs thousands of times. As a kid, it was to see movies.

Now, it's the town offices and Robert is entertained by Georgette Wolf-Ludwig, the long-time Fairlee town clerk and friend.

"I have a real soft spot for him," Georgette said.

But it goes deeper. Edmands and his wife Eunice cared for Wolf-Ludwig's son while she worked.

"Eunice, Robert and I, we were a team," Wolf-Ludwig said.

Georgette, town administrator Tad Nunez and Edmands' friend, Lance Colby, nominated him to be a Super Senior.

"I think Robert is a Super Senior because of his vitality," Nunez said.

"He's been a dedicated firefighter for 44-years," Colby said. "Great man, can't say enough about the guy."

"He's been a constant in my life -- he's been there," Wolf-Ludwig said.

"I don't know, they have a right to their own opinions on it," Edmands said.

He was once a dairy farmer, and he's been on the school board and volunteered for pretty much any project that needs to be done in Fairlee.

Now he has the title of Town Handyman. The 89-year-old makes sure the town's walkways are free and clear of ice. He also clears the fire hydrants of snow.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Should an 89-year-old be out there shoveling hydrants?
Robert Edmands: Can if he likes it.

And he does like it. Besides, work keeps his mind off who he's lost.

Reporter Joe Carroll: She passed away last year?
Robert Edmands: A year ago last 4th of July.

Eunice and Robert were married for 63 years. "She loved kids," Edmands said.

Besides having their own children, the couple were foster parents.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Why do you give so much to the town?
Robert Edmands: I don't know if I give very much to 'em.

Edmands doesn't boast. That's the job for others.

"We had a piece of machinery go down, who's the guy to come fix it? Bob Edmands," Colby said.

"And there's never a day he doesn't wake up, come into work and maintain a steady expectation of his own," Nunez said.

Reporter Joe Carroll: So I'm not going to ask you why you think you're a Super Senior. Robert Edmands: Good.

Edmands is a man of few words. His actions define who he is.

"He's our Super Senior," Wolf-Ludwig said.