Super Seniors: Connie Robb & Mary Morin

Published: Jun. 20, 2019 at 2:36 PM EDT
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It's summer time in Greensboro. Caspian Lake is still cold, but the village is heating up as the camp crowd converge.

Connie Robb is back from Florida and so is her good friend Mary Morin. "Hey," Robb said, greeting her friend. "You ready?"

Precisely at noon and again at 5, the two sit down to play cribbage. "Here she is," said Morin, "Mrs. Greensboro."

It goes back over 50 years and they have many traditions. Mary plays the green pegs and Connie the reds. They sit in the same seats. Switching just isn't in the cards.

Another ritual -- playing with a cribbage board that's close to a century-old. "Do you think we should retire this thing..." Mary said.

"No, no... We'll retire it when we retire," added Connie.

Mary is now 94 and Connie, who's just a month away from 79, have watched their kids and grandchildren grow up at the camps. Cribbage has been the constant.

"Oh oh. I think I'm going to have to pay," Mary said, putting a quarter on the table. Not exactly high rollers, but the winnings go into a beer stein. At the end of the year there's enough winnings for some improvements at both camps.

"It's strange. It's over 50 years and I'm only 62," Mary said.

Reporter Joe Carroll: I take it you like each other.

Mary Morin: Not really.

Connie Robb: Yeah, we like each other.

Summer camps are a place to relax and, in a sense, get away from reality. But after 50 years of friendship, Mary and Connie have also been there for each other in times of sorrow. And the hand Mary was dealt turned out to be the loss of her daughter Sharyn. "Cancer. She had three bouts of cancer" Mary said. "I took care of her for eight months. My heart broke... ...That first summer after she died, I used to go out on the porch and cry. And Connie would come over."

Some would say cribbage is just a game. But on the back porch of a camp on Caspian Lake it's so much more.

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