Super Seniors: Dave and Martha Zullo

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RUTLAND, Vt (WCAX) If you're in downtown Rutland and hankering for a hamburger, you might want to stop in and see the Zullos.

There's Tamara, Terry, and the Sandwich Shoppe Super Seniors, parents Dave and Martha Zullo.

The tight knit family of four works closely together. What they do works. Silence is as rare as the roast beef.

Terry calls just about everyone his brother or sister. "I don't remember anyone's name, and works out perfect," he said.

"Whatever hours I work, it's social time. There's nothing like people," Martha said.

Martha is outgoing. Dave -- not so much.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Did he know I was coming today?

Martha Zullo: No, I didn't tell him. Some things are better left unsaid.

They all have different roles. Martha prepares the food; meat loaf is her specialty. Dave reigns the register.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You never know if he's taking a little off the till.

Martha Zullo: Never know.

Dave offers a chuckle in response. He may say little, but he's done a lot. Tamara credits her dad for reviving a failing business that she started.

Tamara Delehanty: Dad came and totally saved us.

Reporter Joe Carroll: So it was a sinking ship?

Tamara Delehanty: Sinking! We plunged, it was like worse than the Titanic.

That was 38 years ago, and they haven't stopped since.

Reporter Joe Carroll: No regrets.

Martha Zullo: No regrets. I wouldn't be sitting here talking with you Joe if I had regrets.

Reporter Joe Carroll: What have you learned from your parents?

Tamara Delehanty: respect.

And work ethic. Her parents are here six days a week. "Sunday is the only day we have off," Dave added.

Reporter Joe Carroll: I can see you like being here.

Martha Zullo: I love being here. What else can make you happy seeing these wonderful people.

The couple grew up in the Rutland area and have been married for 65 years. Martha is 85 and Dave is 88.

Reporter Joe Carroll: When are you giving up this gig?

Martha Zullo: When I die.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Yeah.

Martha Zullo: Every year on my birthday I give myself five more years.

Food for thought. A sandwich can satisfy your hunger, but friends and family feeds the soul. "I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this place. You got to have a purpose in life," Martha said.