'Super Troopers 2' set to arrive on 4.20

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) It took 16 years and a crowdfunding campaign to raise the capital, but we finally know when the infamous Super Troopers will be back on the road.

"Super Troopers 2"

The first trailer is out for "Super Troopers 2." It says the release of the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic "Super Troopers" is April 20, 2018, also known as 4.20, a code term in cannabis culture for smoking pot.

Thorny, Rabbit, Mac, Foster, Farva and the rest of the gang are back to spoof the Vermont State Police. The comedy troupe Broken Lizard was behind the original "Super Troopers" in 2001. The film chronicled the misadventures of the Vermont Highway Patrol and the force's efforts to retain their funding and keep the villainous local Spurbury Police off their turf. Broken Lizard used Indiegogo to raise more than $4.5 million to film the sequel.

Are you ready meow? Here's the trailer: