Surprise concerts popping up around the world

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NEW YORK (CBS) A London-based music-event company is taking out the two main things most of us look for when we want to see some live music -- the "where" and the "who."

When Johanna Ortega bought a ticket online for this New York City concert, she had no idea where the show would be or who would be playing.

"I came across it on a Google search and I'm like, ohhh, secret performances," Ortega said.

Sofar Sounds is the company behind the concert. Ticket holders don't learn the venue's address until the day before the event, and the performers remain a mystery until the show starts.

"We want people to discover their new favorite artists. We want people to discover a genre they never listen to," said the company's Tom Lovett.

A concert at an art gallery featured three bands. Sofar puts the shows on around the globe and often in unique places. A Norweigen musician performed on top of a ski lift in Oslo. And a dance and electronic artist layed down some beats in a Spanish garden.

And it's not just bands you haven't heard yet. Last year, Ed Sheeran shocked an audience when he performed in a Washington D.C. living room.

SInger Fionna Silver, who typically plays bars or concert halls, says the intimate setting allows her to connect with the audience. "There is something special about a lack of a barrier. Normally I am high up, there are lights,

Reporter Hilary Lane: What do you like about the show so far?
Johanna Ortega: I love it. I love the stripped down sound. I love being able to have the intimacy with the singer.

Ortega says she'll be going to more Sofar shows. For her, the experience hits all the right notes.