Survey finds 3 percent of Vermonters lack health insurance

Published: Jan. 10, 2019 at 10:44 AM EST
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The Vermont Health Department says a state survey finds that 3 percent of Vermonters do not have health insurance, one of the lowest rates of uninsured residents in the country.

According to the 2018 survey of more than 3,000 randomly selected households, Vermont's uninsured rate is less than half of what it was a decade ago.

Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine says the state has seen "a sharp decline" in the last couple of years in the number of people without insurance. He says more insured Vermonters appears to be related to the state expanding access to Medicaid and helping residents enroll in insurance plans.

The survey also found that out-of-pocket costs are rising with more Vermonters facing significant deductibles or other medical expenses.

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