Suspect in Central Vermont stabbing seeks bail

BARRE, Vt. (WCAX) Chilling testimony in court Friday from a central Vermont stabbing victim.

Tyreke Morton is charged with two counts of attempted murder. Police say last November he stabbed 36-year-old Lucy Remington in the chest with a steak knife, then tried to attack her 3-year-old son.

At the time Morton told police the stabbing was an accident and that "the shades" were making him go crazy. This was in Adamant -- a small village within Calais. The two were friends and had been living in Vermont since they fled the Virgin Islands after last year's hurricanes. He was 18 at the time and is charged as a youthful offender under Vermont's laws.

Remington took the stand in court Friday, describing what happened to her on November 6, 2017.

“It was like a horror movie,” Remington said.

In tears, she described Tyreke Morton coming after her son Zion with a steak knife.

“I had to lay down on top of Zion to protect him and he's over me trying to get to me and get to Zion behind me,” Remington said.

She describes dropping her toddler out the window and hoisting herself out after him -- then sprinting -- bleeding -- to a neighbor's house to safety. Her son covered in blood and shaking. She says the now four-year-old still fears their former family friend.

“He talks about the monsters. Every day he tells me he's afraid,” Remington said.

Morton wasn't in court Friday. But his supporters were. His lawyer and friends defended the 19-year-old's character.

“I've taught him, we've had dinner together. He's definitely -- he's a student, but also a friend,” said Doran Hamm, Morton’s drama teacher.

Defense attorney Dawn Seibert read excerpts of several letters from people in Morton's life -- friends, teachers, even a corrections officer -- all saying Morton is a bright, kind, inquisitive, gentle teen with a love for art and theater.

“I truly think he's a compassionate and decent human being. And I think what happened was a terrible, terrible situation. But he wants to move forward and become a good member of society and truly wants to create art and offer positive things to people,” Hamm said.

But Washington County State's Attorney Rory Thibault painted a different picture, pointing to Morton's own words in journal entries where he fantasizes about cutting up and eating a young woman he knew.

“Always wondered what a white girl leg tasted like. It just feels and looks so good. I just want to cut it right above the thigh. It looks like the best part. IDK -- I don't know -- how I'd cook it though,” read Thibault

Another journal entry described how he wanted to stab and cut up a man.

Those entries did not alarm the adults the defense brought in to monitor Morton if he is released to Spectrum's youth shelter in Burlington as the defense hopes.

Remington says Morton's release would put her safety and the community's in jeopardy.

“This person is dangerous,” Remington said.

The hearing wrapped up without a resolution. There are still more witnesses to call. It will resume Tuesday.