'The Hunted'

The comic and superhero boom of the last several years is hitting home. Growing up as comic book fans, three productive pals have created one all of their own, and it's Made in Vermont.

Our story begins with three lifelong friends in South Burlington, working on something that's been a lifelong dream. "It's sort of always been a common bond for us," said Andrew Tribble.

Brothers Andrew and Stan Tribble, along with Bill Bailey, have created a comic book called "The Hunted." "It's been fun. We've had a good time doing it Bailey said.

The main character is Lily DeVoid. A registered nurse-turned superhero. "The reception for the character has been amazing," Andrew said.

"She's just a nice strong character, which is where I think the whole realm of female characters have gone," Stan said.

The guys use folk lore from around the world for their characters and their storylines. "She takes in monsters and evil men and uses it to fuel her abilities," Andrew said.

And of course what better setting for a strong female character then the Queen City. "Burlington has a ton of amazing architecture," Andrew said.

The comic comes out monthly. Issue 10 rolled out about a week ago. "I've gained a lot of respect for what people do to create
this," Bailey said. "We start with basically something like this -- just an ink drawing -- and then I just start filling in the colors. We can fine tune it from there."

"It really drives home why the bigger publishers have nine people that work on a single book. Even with the three of us, sometimes it's a lot," Andrew said.

But the results make the adventure worth it. About 100 copies of "The Hunted" are sold each month. "The Hunted" can be purchased online, in a few stores around the state, and of course, at various comic con shows. "When we sat down and we were finally ready to go on the comic, we looked at each other and said, if we can get one person that's not related to us or doesn't know us to buy or like this comic, we will consider it a success," Andrew said.

"Being able to walk into a store and say, 'We did that' -- it's pretty rewarding really. It was awesome," Bailey said.

"That was always the hope -- that I would help to make something that people would really get behind and enjoy and hopefully pass on to other people," Stan said.

Once a fantasy, these three have successfully created a fantasy world that's the reality of this story.