Tibetan terrier finds fame on Panton woman's blog

Published: May. 25, 2020 at 4:29 PM EDT
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It was just going to be a way of killing time during the pandemic lockdown, but Judi Fisher found out her website has a daily following of dog lovers from all over the world.

On a back road in Panton, a resident has new found fame. "She's used to having her adoring fans out there," Fisher said.

Annabel is a Tibetan terrier. Her exploits are highlighted in a daily dog blog called The Series Of Unfortunate Events That Have Befallen Me.

Annabel is the star, and a bit of a diva.

"I'm the ghost writer," Fisher admitted. "I just put it down on the computer, but it's all her ideas."

To call the former Channel 3 sales executive the 'owner of Annabel' would be a disservice in this doggie drama. "Well, they call these dogs 'the little people,' She is definitely a little person," Fisher said.

A recurring theme in the trials and tribulations of Annabel is her diet, including her favorite treat -- Milo's Meatballs -- which are generously dispensed to buy silence during our interview.

David Putter -- just call him 'Putter' -- is Fisher's partner. "It's doing something that other people didn't do. She hit the right chord at the right time," Putter said.

It was at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis when she and Putter sheltered in place. Fisher was bored and decided she needed to write something funny and irreverent. "People need a laugh right now and there is nothing funnier, I guess, than a dog that's on a diet.

It's just what some who are going through hard times need. "My husband passed away three months ago, struggling to stay positive while everything around me is falling apart. Annabel and her siblings shenanigans brighten my day," said Fisher, reading feedback from one of her blog fans.

There are other characters in this case, like Lellobear a 'disbarked' former attorney, and a feline foe named Doctor Meowchi. They both team up to take on Annabel.

Annabel even writes about yours truly in the blog. She says that, "I righteously used this opportunity to create a barking commotion because I'm absolutely positive the reporter is a serial killer." She goes on to though, "every time I started barking, I go a meatball." That part's true.

Reporter Joe Carroll: She's very creative.

Judi Fisher: Very. She's just a laugh a minute.

A world of make believe in a world that could use a good distraction. "We love her and her and her loyal following. That kind of sums it up, "Fisher said.