Seed starting

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) We're doing the happy dance! It's gardening time again! It's still the dead of winter outside, but we should be starting seeds inside. And you should be thinking of the future. Because in a month or so we'll be planting outside.

So if you want to start plants indoors, you need to start certain ones, not all of them, but certain ones now or soon. For example, you want to start greens, like mustard greens, lettuces, spinach and all kinds of leafy greens, you can start those. You can start broccoli family crops, like broccoli, kale those types. Peppers and eggplants, it's a good idea to start now! Tomatoes? Noooo! Too soon for tomatoes, basil, melons, cucumbers, any veggie that likes it really warm. You want to wait until around mid-April for those.

So they are the ones you are going to start, how you start them is up to you. If you want to be professional, like they have here in the greenhouse, you can get these cell or plug trays where you can start 100 different plants all in one tray. You are going to have to transplant, obviously, into a bigger pot later on. If you want to avoid the whole transplanting thing, you can use your peat pot, or cow pots, which are, of course, biodegradable. You can plant these right in the ground. Or you can use plastic pots and then thin down the seedlings to one or two plants per pot.

Or you can save money and use a paper pot. Look at this, how cute these are! It's very simple. You take a newspaper strip, wrap it around the little dowel there, you twist it a few times pull it out and look at that! Even Sharon can do it!

So what are you going to do if you started too early and you have these big plants? Well, you have to cool them down. Put them in a cool place, where it gets about 50-60F degrees in full sun. If you are late starting veggies, you might need a little heating pad like this one. That will give them a little boost and push them along by a week or so.

So that's what you need to do to get your seeds rolling for the season! It's time!

~by Charlie Nardozzi