Too many selfies? You may have 'selfitis'

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NEW YORK (CBS) Selfies have become a part of daily life for many Americans, but if you're taking too many, psychologists say you might have "selfitis."

Reporter Nikki Battiste: How many selfies do you take a day, honestly?
Taelor Smith: Honestly, about 150 to 200 a day.

Sisters Taelor and Tia Smith and their friend, Tikia Travis, say they snap hundreds of selfies a day.

Tia Smith: I would have to say 700.
Reporter Nikki Battiste: You take 700 selfies in a day?
Tia Smith: Look, I have to make sure I get the right angle.

"It gives me confidence because sometimes I feel, you know, everything doesn't translate on camera, but then to turn and see -- oh my good, my teeth look great, my eyebrows match -- this is great!" Taelor said.

A recent study in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction suggests compulsive selfie-taking can lead to "selfitis."

A selfie addiction is when a person is almost obsessively taking selfies multiple times a day... and posting that to whatever it might be--Snapchat, or Facebook, Instagram," said Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a psychology professor at California State University.

Dr. Durvsula says if more than 50-percent of your photos are selfies and you're using filters frequently, those are red flags. "More studies are showing this. More time spent on social media sites negatively affects people's self esteem, can make a person less able to cope, more likely to have anxiety, depression, that sort of thing," she said. She says to help avoid selfitis, put your phone down and create "selfie free zones."

"Sometimes I just want to get that perfect picture and sometimes it takes 200 times to get it right," Taelor said. She says she's not obsessed, she's just a "selfie connoisseur."

Dr. Durvsula says if you're a parent or friend of someone who might be addicted to selfies, you can help them by not liking or validating their photos.