Toshiba TV Rescan Instructions

Published: Oct. 26, 2019 at 1:32 PM EDT
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Toshiba TV Instructions

There are dozens of models of Toshiba TVs, some with very different menu systems. These instructions should work for most models.

Before you start, be sure to use the correct remote. In this case, the key buttons to look for on the remote are the “Menu” button, the “Input” button, the “CH RTN” button, and there are usually directional arrows (up, down, left, right) and an “Enter” or “OK” button, which is usually in the middle of the directional buttons. You will use these buttons as needed to navigate to and then select different options on screen. In general, use the “Enter”/“OK” button to select each option.

Most Toshiba TVs call their rescan function "Channel Program" or "Auto Tuning"

There are two general menu styles for many Toshiba TVs. Press the menu button on your device, and then follow the instructions for the menu style listed.


1. Press the "Input button" on your remote control repeatedly until "ANT/CABLE" is selected

2. Press the "Menu button" on your remote

3. Select "Settings" in the menu. (It's the gear icon that's highlighted in the image above)

4. Choose "Installation"

5. Select the Antenna icon, which is the "Terrestrial" menu

6. Select "Input Configuration" and make sure that "Antenna" is selected in the menu

7. Press the "CH RTN" button to go back to the "Terrestrial" menu, and select "Channel Program" and "Start" to begin the channel scan.


1. Press the Input button on the remote control repeatedly until ANT/CABLE is selected.

2. Press the "Menu" button on the remote control.

3. Using the Arrow buttons, select "Settings"

4. Use the arrow buttons to select "Setup" from the upper menu

5. Select "Ant/Cable," and then "Antenna"

6. Select "Auto Tuning"

7. Select "Start Scan to begin the channel scan

Then, simply wait for the scan to complete and you should be ready to watch TV.