Towns vote down 2 of 3 Act 46 mergers Tuesday

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) It was a mixed bag for several Act 46 merger proposals on the ballot Tuesday according to results provided by the Vermont Agency of Education.

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Voters in Brattleboro, Guilford, Dummerston and Putney rejected a proposal to join the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union.

A plan to consolidate the towns of Woodford, Pownal, Bennington and Shaftsbury into the Southwestern Vermont Supervisory Union also failed.

A vote in the Upper Valley passed in Chelsea and Tunbridge to form the First Branch Unified School District. That plan would include closing Chelsea's high school.

In a separate advisory vote Tuesday, the Franklin County towns of Franklin, Highgate, Swanton and Sheldon supported the Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union school board's recommendation to opt out of a merger.

Act 46 was approved by lawmakers in 2015 in an effort to consolidate districts, improve services, and eventually save money. Five other votes are scheduled later this month around the state. All of the 22 districts were trying to beat a Nov. 30 deadline to take advantage of revised tax incentives.