Train like a beast with 'Animal Flow' workout

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PLAYA DEL REY, Calif. (CBS) One of the hottest new fitness trends has some people going primal. 'Animal Flow' is a full body conditioning class that includes moves known as ape, beast and crab.

At Knockout LA, a popular fitness class will unleash your inner beast.

This is 'Animal Flow,' a conditioning class that focuses on primal, animal-like movements.

"You're getting a full body workout, burning a ton of calories, getting strength, coordination and cardio all at the same time," said Venus Lau, a fitness and movement instructor.

Lau says she teaches Animal Flow to students of all ages, from children to grandparents. The program is designed to improve the body's mobility by using animal inspired positions called ape, beast, and crab.

The high intesity workout is meant to be a reset of sorts, getting the body back to fundamental movements to help improve functions like balance and coordination.

"The benefits are unimaginable," said Shabnam Islam, an avid Animal Flow student. She says the class has enhanced her flexibility and endurance.

Reporter Chris Martinez: What would you tell someone who hasn't done this but wants to try?
Shabnam Islam: Modalities like Animal Flow have been used in physical therapy, they've been used in rehab -- anybody can do this.

"I know it totally looks intimidating, but the thing it, it's not. It's primal movement, it's what our bodies were designed to do," Lau said.

Channeling your wild side to get results.

The creator of Animal Flow says wrist flexibility and strength is an important component to the class, since a lot of time is spent on your hands.