Trial underway in deadly Burlington shooting

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) On day one of the trial against Chavis Murphy, prosecutors outlined their strongest evidence in the case, including a sweatshirt that Murphy allegedly owned and still had with him when he was arrested days after the shooting. Its description matched a similar sweatshirt seen on the killer at the murder scene.

"You will see it on surveillance video, again, with that distinctive sweatshirt that has white on the front, white sleeves and a black back with the word 'King' written across," Chittenden County Deputy State's Attorney Franklin Paulino said.

Murphy is charged with the first-degree murder of Obafemi Adedapo in 2015. Tuesday, attorneys for the state called friends of both men as witnesses. All had been out drinking at a club in downtown Burlington before Adedapo and Murphy allegedly got into a fight.

"The defendant was angry, he was in a rage and he could not let it go," Paulino said.

The fight spilled out onto the street where prosecutors say Murphy ended up pulling out a gun and shooting Adedapo multiple times. But their own witnesses testified they did not see who pulled the trigger in the deadly shooting.

"No, I didn't see it," said Samuel Alexander, a witness.

"I don't know who did it, no. At the angle I was standing, I just saw like a profile. I didn't see their face," said Leon Delima, a witness.

Defense Attorney Lamar Enzor: You didn't see Chavis shoot him, did you?
Justin Reed/Witness: No.

But one witness did describe Murphy's demeanor that night with the victim. He said he also saw a weapon.

Samuel Alexander: Mr. Murphy got more angry and then chased after him.
Franklin Paulino: How many steps did he take?
Samuel Alexander: Four.
Franklin Paulino: Did you see him have anything in his hands or do anything?
Samuel Alexander: He had the gun on him.
Franklin Paulino: Can you describe what it looked like?
Samuel Alexander: Silver-blackish.

Prosecutors also showed the jury body-camera footage which captured a police officer tending to Adedapo. Murphy watched as the video showed firefighters give Adedapo CPR before he was later pronounced dead.

Prosecutors also called the officer who was wearing that body camera as a witness Tuesday, as well as two former Zen Lounge employees.

The trial is set to continue Wednesday.