Trip of a lifetime for North Country Vets

Published: Apr. 27, 2019 at 8:14 PM EDT
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Three North Country veterans who served in in Vietnam, Korea, and World War II take the trip of a lifetime.

Saturday, for the first time, they’re getting a first-hand look at the monuments to their service and the sacrifices of their brothers-in-arms who never came home.

We caught up with Dick Persons from Black River, Don Moody of Watertown, and Calcium’s Bob Partridge in the nation’s capital. Each said the HonorFlight Syracuse trip brought back long-forgotten memories, happy and sad.

“Sometimes it seems like yesterday,” Persons said of his memories of WWII, “and other times…. it’s good.”

“Really exciting, and it’s also sobering,” said Korean War Veteran Moody. “It gets very emotional. You’re down here, and you think about all the people you used to know, and some of them came back and some of them didn’t.” He said he’s glad he has loved one to share the experience with, “I’ve bored my son and my daughter with stories that have surfaced that I haven’t thought about for years.”

Partridge, a Vietnam veteran said anyone who can should make the trip to Washington. “This is something, it’s amazing,” he said, “got to be here to see it, and the people you meet, it’s just awesome.” “It brought back a lot of memories.” Partridge said it’s led him to reflect on his service, “sometimes I wish I had done more than I did. It was an honor to do it for my country and I wish more people could do it.”

An unexpected highlight of this trip, several of the veterans had the opportunity to meet former Sen. Bob Dole – who served in WWII before entering politics.

Trip organizers said they can always use more donations but what they’re really looking for are more veterans to make the trip.

Saturday’s journey began just before six in the morning. The return flight is scheduled for six p.m., and once the veterans land in Syracuse, they’ll hop straight into a parade.