'Trump 2020' flag burned and left on homeowner's porch

Published: Nov. 25, 2018 at 4:39 PM EST
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A Burlington resident says his Trump 2020 flag was taken off the flagpole and vandalized Sunday.

Gus Klein says he woke up and saw something unusual Sunday morning.

"I noticed that the flagpole was laying on the ground,” Klein said.

His Trump 2020 flag that was attached to the pole was missing when he woke up.

"I looked on the front porch and I see some cloth on the front porch. It looked like it was burned," Klein said.

The veteran who served two deployments in Afghanistan was left with a destroyed flag and a bunch of questions.

"I was in bed sleeping with my family and I don't know if this flag was on fire when they threw it on my front porch. I can assume it wasn't, but if it was that's not right at all," he said.

Neighbors like Paul Bevino say they were shocked to hear what happened in the front yard of Klein's North Avenue home.

"Kind of worried 'cause stuff like that doesn't happen in this neighborhood," Bevino said.

Klein says he knows he lives in a blue state but he welcomes anyone to sit down and share their views with him. He disapproves of any kind of vandalism.

"There is fear in my mind and it’s not right. I should be able to come and go as I want, and we should be able to sleep at night in our own property, so there is fear," Klein said.

Each burned piece of flag fuels Klein's fire to push even harder the next two years.

"It's not going to stop me for believing in who, and campaigning for who I believe is right for the United States," he said.

Burlington Police say they are investigating the incident. They say lawn signs have been knocked down, but those were both Republican and Democrat. They were not aware if a Trump flag had previously been damaged in Burlington.