Trump defends relief efforts in Puerto Rico

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WASHINGTON (CBS) Speaking in Washington, President Trump praised his administration's response to the disaster in Puerto Rico before putting some of the responsibility on the island's leaders.

"The government of Puerto Rico will have to work with us to determine how this massive rebuilding effort, will end up being one of the biggest ever, will be funded," the president said.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke came under fire for her remarks on the ongoing recovery led by thousands of service members.

"There is much, much more work to do. We will never be satisfied. That's why we're here," Duke said.

Her clarification came on the same day the USNS Comfort left for Puerto Rico to assist areas where medical facilities are crippled.

"We should be on station by 3 October. If we have to slow down a little bit, 4 October at the latest," said Capt. Kevin Robinson, USNS Comfort forward command.

Despite those efforts, President Trump is facing criticism for what some view as the government's slow response in helping the U.S. commonwealth.

Earlier, the president had a message for residents in desperate need of help.

"We want them to be safe and sound and secure and we will be there every day until that happens," Trump said.

Thursday, the president waived the Jones Act in Puerto Rico to help ship goods to those affected. Trump says he'll visit the island next week.

Republican senators John McCain of Arizona and Mike Lee of Utah have also introduced legislation that would permanently remove Puerto Rico from the Jones Act.