Twins born prematurely to mom with coronavirus go home

Published: May. 27, 2020 at 3:56 PM EDT
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Lisseth Hernandez and her husband, Oscar, were finally able to bring home their newborns, twins Sebastien and Milagros.

More than a month ago, Lisseth, 24, was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital struggling to breathe. She ended up on a ventilator with COVID-19. She woke up to find her twins had been delivered 10 weeks early by emergency C-section.

The babies were transferred to the NICU at Tufts Medical Center. It would be two more weeks before she could hold her babies.

"I'm just happy to have them," Lisseth said when she was finally able to hold her babies. "I couldn't imagine not being here watching them again."

The twins needed help breathing and eating. But 43 days later, Tufts NICU Associate Medical Director Dr. Jaclyn Boulais says they have made incredible progress.

"It's so rare for twins to actually be discharged on the same day when they're born 10 weeks early, " Boulais said. "They're both getting out of here four weeks before their due date, so they're pretty remarkable."

This family, who also has a toddler at home, is looking forward to the future.

"It's an amazing miracle," mom Lisseth said.

The family is grateful to have their health and each other.

Research is ongoing nationwide looking into the possible effects of coronavirus on pregnant women and their babies. California researchers have launched a national registry to better understand the impact.