UK ramps up electric car charging stations

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LONDON (CBS) The move to green energy is shifting into high gear in Britain. The U.K. now has more electric car charging stations than gas stations.

Tony Kalakoutis drove a diesel cab for 22 years. This year he made the switch to electric.

"We need to clean up the air, so having an electric vehicle is a step in the right direction," Kalakoutis said. But finding a place to plug is is still tricky. "Talking to my friends who are cab drivers, we do have a problem finding a place to charge."

It's starting to get easier. The U.K. now has more electric vehicle, or EV, charging stations than gas stations, although the number of gas pumps at those stations far outnumber electric chargers overall.

As part of his re-election campaign, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is promising a "clean energy revolution" so electric car drivers don't have to go more than 30 miles to find a charging point.

The UK government is also pushing a plan to make charging even more convenient. The U.K. could become the first country in the world to make it mandatory for every new home with a parking space to have an electric charging point.

"Even without this proposal, property developers are thinking of putting charging points on new homes anyway. It's part of the logical move," said Tom Callow,a spokesperson with BP Chargemaster.

Reporter Cindy Pom: Are you considering getting a home charger?
Tony Kalakoutis: Yes, I'm considering it. It would help my working day if I had a charger at home.

But for now he's just happy saving about $140 dollars a week charging his cab instead of filling it up with fuel.

In the U.S., California leads the way for the highest number of electric vehicle charging stations with about 8,000 in all. It's also the biggest market for electric vehicles.