UVM police respond to uptick in campus thefts

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Over the last several weeks, UVM police say they have seen an uptick in thefts on campus.

It's unclear if it's related to an increase in theft from cars in South Burlington.

Police say everyone needs to be a little more diligent when it comes to the security of their belongings. Deputy Chief Tim Bilodeau says even though the undergrad population is off for the summer, the thefts continue

He said they have about 23 officers and have a good presence on campus. But still, since June 25, items like wallets, bikes, laptops and lab equipment have been stolen.

"It's a really bad feeling when even your work mate next to you has something stolen. There's a little bit of vulnerability. So we want people to be aware," Bilodeau said.

Bilodeau says when it comes to identifying those who are stealing, the focus isn't on whether UVM staff or students are involved, but it's on making it stop and holding people accountable.

People we spoke with on campus weren't aware the thefts were happening but did say it was a little concerning.

As always, police say if you see something or something is stolen from you, let them know.