Burlington International Airport juggles multiple development projects

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Travelers at the Burlington International Airport will notice the quick turnaround facility is still under construction, but it is in its final stages. But the hotel is being delayed until spring.

Outside, the fueling station is taking shape. Inside the building, car wash equipment sits ready to be installed.

"It looks absolutely amazing, so the rental car people are going to be really excited," said Gene Richards, the director of aviation at the Burlington International Airport.

Richards says this new spot to clean and fuel up cars is also a benefit for you.

"It speeds up the turnaround. So, if you need a rental car, you may not have to wait as long for it to be prepped and readied," said Richards.

It's scheduled to be done in early January.

One of the many projects that travelers may notice is work on the taxiways and aprons that expected to wrap up next year.

There's a new walkway connecting the north and south terminals. And Richards says parking upgrades have been successful, too.

"People say there isn't parking. There may be less parking close. But if you go to the fifth floor on the north section of the parking garage, there's always space there," said Richards.

One of the pieces of construction that's not underway yet is the hotel. But they've decided to start that in the spring instead and Richards says that's because it's all about the money.

He says it's pricey to put up properties in the winter. And it's also the slowest time at the airport.

With construction expected to take a year, they want the new hotel to open as the spring travel picks up.

"When you start your business, you want it to be as busy as possible," said Richards.

He says the only other change to that project are adding another three rooms bringing the total to 108 rooms.