VSP urges drivers to be safe on the roads this holiday

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) According to TripAdvisor's annual Thanksgiving survey, more than 50 percent of people celebrating the holiday will be traveling, and almost half of them are expected to leave Thursday.

That means more cars will be on the road Thursday and Vermont State Police say they hope people will keep that in mind.

"Slowing down if there is winter weather and driving at a reasonable speed so that they can maintain control of their vehicle,” said Lt. John Flannigan with the Vermont the Vermont State Police. “Being good responsible drivers, making sure that we are keeping everybody safe on the roads during the holiday weekend and throughout the year."

Police say there will be an increase of troopers throughout the state as well.

According to TripAdvisor's survey, 26 percent of people traveling this holiday will be flying, which is more than the company reported in 2016.

People getting off their plane at the Burlington International Airport Wednesday say terminals around the country are flooded with people.

"Everything went fine but you can tell it's the holiday," said Bill McKibben. "The airport was just absolutely packed with people even at five in the morning."

"You can definitely tell that everybody was getting ready to visit their families on holiday," said Elina Sahagun. "But thankfully I made it just in time to make my flight."