VTrans warns about road conditions ahead of winter storm

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) VTrans officials are expecting roads to be unpredictable this weekend which is why they recommend not even leaving your home.

For those who have to get out the door, they warn to plan ahead. Before hitting the road, know where you're going to be as the weather changes.Rain can quickly freeze turning into hard-to-spot black ice, which is expected to start Friday night. They warn to take your time and stay alert.

"Whether or not the roads are going to be exposed to wind, or drifting snow --these things will all change very quickly. So you really can't drive on automatic pilot. You have to be alert to the circumstances that you are driving in," said Brent Curtis with VTrans.

Plows and salt trucks will be out in full force throughout the state. Be sure to give them space as well as any tow trucks on the side of the road assisting other drivers.