Vaping among Vt. students continues to climb

Published: Feb. 17, 2020 at 3:08 PM EST
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The number of Vermont high school students vaping continues on an upward trajectory according to the latest Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

The survey is conducted every two years among students starting in 6th grade and includes topics ranging from mental health and family life to substance use and sexuality. Five years ago, 30-percent of teens had vaped -- half of them in the last month. In 2017 there was a slight increase in vaping and a slight decrease among those who vaped within 30-days of taking the survey. And last year the survey found half of Vermont high school students reported trying vaping and one quarter vaped within the last month.

Galen Ettlin spoke with Dr. David Rettew, a child psychiatrist with the UVM Medical Center and the state mental health department, to discuss the survey.