Vermont Teddy Bear switches from making toys to masks

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SHELBURNE, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont Teddy Bear is now producing masks instead of stuffed animals.

The Shelburne company switched up the production last week to make cotton masks to help protect people from the coronavirus.

The company expects to sew about 3,000 of them and says they're made with donated materials.

The company says it wants to ensure compliant medical masks are reserved for health care workers who need them most.

"We are giving priority to anyone who is in the medical profession in one way or another, whether it is veterinary medicine, nursing homes, we have given some to janitors, those who clean our building," said Cathy Carlisle of Vermont Teddy Bear.

Vermont Teddy Bear says it is still paying its employees but they are also getting help from volunteers who are sewing from home.