Vermont business groups urge veto of medical monitoring bill

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont lawmakers say they want to protect you from getting sick on the job but some say a proposed medical monitoring bill will hurt businesses.

Gov. Phil Scott, R-Vermont, is now considering the bill passed to him by lawmakers.

If it can be proven an employee became sick because of toxic substances at work, then the employer would have to cover the cost of treatment.

Opponents say it is too broad in its current form and may deter businesses from operating in Vermont because of liability.

"It's inconsistent in ways that we feel creates undo risks and costs and unintended consequences that we feel can be avoided," said William Driscoll of the Associated Industries of Vermont.

The Associated Industries of Vermont, the Vermont Business Roundtable and some chambers of commerce throughout Vermont all voiced concerns. They say they are not opposed to medical monitoring, but want the rules to be much more specific to prevent people from taking advantage of them.

We're now waiting to hear what the governor will decide. He has until Monday to act on the bill.