Vermont checking for out-of-state plates at border

Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 4:58 PM EDT
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Some Vermonters have raised concerned that out-of-staters are coming here and now the state is investigating to find out if that's true.

WCAX News has heard from viewers worried that people could be coming to Vermont and bringing COVID-19 with them, potentially helping to overwhelm the state's health care system. There are also concerns they could be buying up supplies.

Gov. Phil Scott on Wednesday said they heard those complaints and are now conducting surveillance at points along Vermont's borders to see what's going on.

"So that we could, uh, we could determine how many people are coming into the state and from which states. And we're not taking registration numbers or anything like that. Just looking for colors, uh, of plates, uh, to determine who's coming in. And then we'll, uh, we'll react accordingly. Uh, depending on what we see, um, and, uh, how many are in and out and so forth," said Scott, R-Vermont.

The governor stressed that right now this is only a fact-finding mission.