Vermont eclipse-viewing a shared experience for many

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Eclipse glasses were in high demand Monday at Burlington's Fletcher Free Library, as people from all over gathered together to share the experience of the partial eclipse.

A partial solar eclipse offered a sky spectacular for Vermonters Monday afternoon. "It was cool -- you could see the actual shadow on the sun. It was perfect," said Barry Mansfield.

And it caught the curiosity of many. "I actually had a meeting that I had to reschedule. I was like, 'sorry guys, going to the eclipse,'" said Arshad Hasan.

As did hundreds of others at Burlington's Fletcher Free Library -- who had a viewing party and offered those coveted solar glasses. While many kids shared, others got a bit more creative, making pinhole projectors through cardboard boxes. "I can see the indent from the moon kind of blocking the light," said Quinn Shelley.

Others used spaghetti strainers and welder's glass to see the show. And reversed binoculars offered a different take on paper. "It seems to be a pretty safe way to engage with the eclipse," said Brian Perkins.

Vermont was off the path of totality. To see that perspective, dozens gathered around a live stream to see the view in other parts of the country. But no doubt, young and old most wanted to see it for themselves.

Reporter Tyler Dumont: So what do you think?

Carolyn Coleburn: "I think it's wonderful -- it's very exciting, and I had to be where the crowd is.

Some of the viewing events had higher than expected attendance, but organizers say it was a success.