Vermont fire chief honored for 70 years of service

MORRISVILLE, Vt. (WCAX) In this year's Fourth of July parade in Morrisville, no one was keeping it cooler than 93-year-old Arlo Sterner.

"That's my dad," Cindy Scott said.

She's one of Arlo's three children.

"Dad's been a part of the fire department all of my life," she said. "Yup. He's an awesome guy."

Arlo served for nearly 70 years in Morrisville and Wolcott. In fact, the Wolcott trucks still bear his name.

Arlo Sterner: Are you having a good time?
Reporter Scott Fleishman: The question is are you having a good time?
Arlo Sterner: Yes. My last time probably.

Following the parade, there was a celebration at the Morrisville firehouse.

"Isn't that nice," Arlo said.

The World War II and Korean War vet was honored with a plaque.

"Why should I expect something like this? No way. I had all of my fun over the years," Arlo said.

There was a speech from Wolcott Fire Chief Jim Holton and stories shared about Arlo's years of training thousands of firefighters from the area.

"North Hyde Park Monday nights, back to Bakersfield on Tuesday nights, off to Stowe on Wednesday nights. You were gone every night," Arlo recalled.

Arlo rode in a 1924 pumper for Thursday morning's parade. It's two years older than he is and Arlo was the last firefighter to pump on it.

"Very nice of Jim to do this. What do I say? Thank you," Arlo said.

Coming together to recognize the great-grandfather of firefighting in this community. What's cooler than that?