Vermont game wardens seek public's help to stop poaching

Published: Oct. 9, 2018 at 6:36 PM EDT
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Vermont game wardens are seeking public help in stopping poaching this hunting season.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife Col. Jason Batchelder says anyone witnessing poaching, or thinks they know of poaching, should call the nearest State Police barracks to report it. He says common infractions are baiting animals, or shooting animals at night. Batchelder says wardens can often make a strong case against a poacher if information is provided quickly. Baiting animals is illegal, even if you have no intention of shooting them.

"You're not allowed to place anything that a deer could eat or lick to draw them in, that goes for bear, turkey, moose as well. Essentially, anything that you could feed a deer that it would eat is not allowed for use in Vermont," Batchelder said. "We've got quite a healthy population of people who like to shoot deer at night or over bait and it keeps the wardens busy this time of the year."

Penalties include hunting license suspensions and fines. Rewards are paid by the state for information leading to arrests.