Vermont health officials hope COVID-19 will stop smoking

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont health officials are hoping this crisis will lead to a reduction in substance abuse.

With COVID-19 attacking the lungs, smokers and vapors are at much higher risk of becoming severely ill if they get infected.

Vermont's health department says there's no better time to kick the habit.

"Many of you are staying at home and you're looking for new challenges, new hobbies, something new to focus on besides the virus and the news cycle. So what better time to direct your mental energies to something most smokers we know actually think about a lot quitting," says Dr. Mark Levine, Vermont's Heath Commissioner.

The health department already has a host of resources to help people quit smoking. and they have launched a new website as a single source clearing house for all substance use prevention, treatment and recovery services.

That site is