Vermont immigration advocates biking their way to NH detention facility

Published: Aug. 21, 2019 at 8:28 AM EDT
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Immigration advocates all across New England will begin to make their way to Dover New Hampshire starting Wednesday.

They want to send a message that violence perpetrated against immigrants of color is not OK.

While the other states are walking to New Hampshire, some Vermonters are biking.

The bike ride starts at the Unitarian Church in Montpelier at 8 a.m.

We spoke with an organizer who said that it was too many miles for people to walk, so they switched it to a bike ride instead.

Cyclists will ride between 40 and 50 miles each day.

Every morning will begin with an overview of the route and a time to reflect on what's happening at the border.

The evenings will hold educational or prayerful discussions open to the public.

The ride ends five miles from the Stafford County Jail in Dover. That is where the Vermont bikers will meet up with people from Boston, Concord, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine.

Everyone will walk in solidarity for the last five miles to the jail where immigrants arrested by ICE are jailed and awaiting deportation.

They hope this will send a clear message to those in office.

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