Vermont kids prepare for Halloween

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BURLINGTON, Vt. It’s Halloweekend, and Vermont kids are ready.

"I'm going to be a police chief," said Lexi Hayes-Francis, who lives in Williston. "I have some glasses that I'm going to wear with it. I have my boots."

Kirra Budd from Stowe is going to be Frankenstein from Monster High “It's really cool," Budd said.

"I either want to be a clown or a Grim Reaper type thing," said Jesse Sweeney, an Essex Junction resident.

Samantha Donahey made her costume with a hula hoop and a lot of cloth.

"Mother Ginger fromThe Nutcracker,” said Donahey, who is from Essex Junction. “She has a really big ginormous skirt. It sort of looks like you're just a giant table walking around with the top half of someone sticking out of it."

Parents, like Samantha's mom Helen Dohaney, are busy finishing the details of their kids sometimes complex characters.

"I have unfortunately created the tradition that we always make the Halloween costumes and every year they get more complicated,” said Helen Donahey.

But we all know what really makes the holiday so fun.

Reporter Priscilla Liguori: "What's your favorite part about Halloween?" Budd: "Getting candy.”

After all, who doesn't love trick or treating?

We checked in with Burlington Police for tips to keep the festivities safe.

"One thing is just to travel in groups if you're out and about on the sidewalks, just stay on the sidewalks,” said Lt. Jon Young. “Try not to get onto the road. Obviously during Halloween season...there's an increase in traffic."

Young also reminds community members to stay vigilant and to look out for each other while out collecting sweets.

Families like the Donaheys are picking out the perfect spooky decor to welcome their trick or treaters.

"We're trying to make our Halloween decorations a lot less lame," said Samantha Donahey.

"We thought we'd get a spider for our webs out front,” said Helen Donahey. “Trying to get something that's not too scary so that the little kids aren't terrified but a little less lame, Right?”