Vermont officials wary of second wave of COVID-19

Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 5:57 PM EDT
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Vermont officials remain wary of a resurgence of the coronavirus caused by the opening of the economy and relaxing of social distancing.

But they believe we will be much better prepared to handle it.

"We'll be able to enter that period of resurgence with a containment strategy already in effect. The country missed the opportunity for containment and had to go straight to social distancing," Vt. Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine said.

"Hopefully, we'll be in a position where we can deal with this much more effectively so we don't have the shutdown that we had before," said Gov. Phil Scott, R-Vermont.

Levine says much of that relies on improved testing capacity to quickly identify outbreaks and isolated carriers of the virus so it doesn't spread widely in the community.

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