Vermont protesters target Canadian pipeline company

Published: Sep. 23, 2019 at 3:54 PM EDT
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Protesters gathered outside Vermont Gas in South Burlington Monday afternoon.

Friday, the Vermont Public Utility Commission approved a deal that allows Canadian pipeline company Enbridge a bigger stake in Energir, the parent company of both Vermont Gas and Green Mountain Power.

Holding signs on the lawn of Vermont Gas, activists said they are concerned because Enbridge has a poor environmental history and they are upset the decision came in while the Global Climate Strikes were happening on Friday.

"Our concern is that Enbridge's greater influence could mean more pipelines for Vermont because they would have more control over our utility corridors for Vermont Gas and Green Mountain Power," said Julie Macuga of 350 Vermont.

"We have stated before we have no plans to move beyond Addison County. The folks in Addison County waited a long time for us to get down there and deliver our services to them and that's really our focus," said Beth Parents, a spokesperson for Vermont Gas.

Vermont Gas added that they will continue to be regulated by the PUC and that customers will see no change from this.