Vermont school bringing back Pledge of Allegiance

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HARDWICK, Vt. (WCAX) The Pledge of Allegiance is returning to a Vermont high school.

Our Taylor Young has been following this story since the school held a community meeting about the topic last week in Hardwick.

It all started with a student at Hazen Union High School approaching her principal, asking why the pledge is not recited during the school day. It had been discontinued a few years back when the school's intercom system was broken.

That question prompted Principal David Perrigo to launch a "civil discourse study." Groups of students researched the history of the pledge, coming up with proposals on how to integrate it into the school day. Those proposals were presented to school staff earlier this week.

Perrigo says they got a variety of opinions, including public input at a community forum.

Ultimately, the school decided to bring the pledge back. Starting Monday, Perrigo says it will return to the PA system. He says it will be read first thing in the morning daily by students who sign up to read it.

And Perrigo wanted to make clear that those students who do not want to recite the pledge, do not have to.